Food Cart Serving Up Viet-Noms in Eugene, Oregon

Inspired by Vietnamese street food.

Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery opened in 2014 and quickly became one of Eugene, Oregon’s favorite hot spots to eat. 


Best of Eugene

Eugene Weekly 2015-16 Winner

Ranking in third place last year (which happened to be only its first year in business), Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery has ascended the ranks and scored the number one spot for Best Food Cart. The cart hangs out around Oregon Wine Lab, Ninkasi and Oakshire in the Whit, dishing up Vietnamese delights such as bánh mì sandwiches and vermicelli noodle bowls. Key to the food cart’s popularity, according to co-owner Tony Ngo, are fresh, vibrant ingredients. “We use a lot of greens, and it’s a relatively healthier option than a lot of other stuff you can get,” he says. He and co-owner James Ngo (no relation) opened their cart in 2014, and they’ve been raking in the business ever since. While opening a restaurant is an eventual goal, Tony Ngo says he’s grateful for all the support and patronage the food cart is getting. “We can’t give you enough thanks,” he says to voters.

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Small Cart, Big Taste

“The term ‘fusion food’ gets used so much nowadays,” says Tony Ngo, co-owner of Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery, which won third place for food carts in EW’s Best of Eugene. “Vietnamese food is one of those organic fusion foods.”

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Why You Need to Try Da Nang Food Cart on Lincoln Street

Da Nang is a food cart that serves “Vietnamese street food,” which is how Tony Ngo, one of the owners, describes it. The other owner, James Ngo (no relation) has known Tony forever. It was about 3 years ago when Tony and James started getting serious about opening a food cart. Tony grew up cooking Vietnamese food with his mom and knew that this was what he wanted to serve. “Vietnamese is a gold mine for unexplored foods,” said Tony.

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